The Consumer Party - Wall Street Brokers

Welcome to The Consumer Party Home page! Why in the world do we need a *Consumer* Party?


Aren’t you tired of waiting every four years to have your voice heard only to find that you have no voice at all? I know, I am.

Aren’t you tired of corporations turning the world on which we depend into a giant, toxic dumping ground just to ensure a wider profit margin, then adding insult to injury by raising prices and further raping the planet for even greater profits?

Yeah, me too! And guess what, there’s something we can do about it!

The choices we make as consumers have a profound effect on the quarterly profits of a corporation. Even a 2% shift can cause a group of “growth”-obsessed shareholders to spontaneously scream “Sell! Sell! Sell!” into their ever-present headsets or send them scrambling to market fixers to find ready-made solutions to restore their quickly-dwindling profit margins.

Now, THAT is political power! And SO much better than sitting around waiting for the fulfillment of casually, tossed off campaign promises, spouted by corporate-funded candidates, whose only job (once they take office) is to serve the billionaire-interests of those who placed them there.

After all, what is the mandate of a corporate-funded politician? To deregulate domestic and foreign markets, to crush labor and to look the other way when it comes to public safety, quality control and the wholesale devastation of the planet.

Profit Comes From Somewhere! It comes from exploitation…from downward economic pressure on the working class and the systematic enslavement of underdeveloped nations.

It’s a Zero Sum game, folks. And it’s fixed. Crunching Numbers always directly translates to Crushing People. It’s the Dirty Little Secret of Capitalism.

But the good news is, there’s a flaw in their strategy. You see, their wealth depends on customers. What if we turned the tables on the rich?

What if we *all* stop buying a product en masse? A product that is endangering our eco-system…then turn around and start supporting a product that incorporates new technologies that not only protect the planet, but nourish and replenish her sadly ravaged resources?

We can start by trying to make better choices as consumers. But eventually, we’ll have to organize.


Organized Consumerism…is the New Politics.