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I’ve been asked on numerous occasions, “Why do we need a Consumer Party?” But I feel a better question would be,“WHY HAVEN’T WE HAD ONE until now?” Think about it. Since the inception of our democracy we have had to wait every four years to pick a leader who we HOPED would put the needs of the people and the country before the greed of his /her donors, only to be left shaking our heads in befuddlement.

I don’t need to tell you that the stated purpose of democracy was to give informed citizens a say in their own governance. But what if democracy has been so misused and subverted that citizens no longer have access, or direct participation in, the decisions that determine the quality and structure of their lives?

Aren’t you tired of waiting every four years to have your voice heard – only to find you have no voice at all? I know I am.

Further, citizens everywhere are tired of corporations turning our beautiful planet (upon which we solely depend) into a giant, toxic, dumping-ground just to ensure a wider profit margin for the already obscenely rich. We’re tired of not having any recourse against increasing corporate abuses.

Well, now there’s an action we can take that moves global citizens from “victims 2 activists” just by doing what we already do…everyday! And it’s as simple as going to the market.

By now it is widely known that the world is being run by money and trade markets. The choices we make as consumers have a profound effect on the quarterly profits of a corporation. Consumer Advocate, Ralph Nader, has suggested that even a 2% shift can influence the business decisions and strategies of Ceos and company shareholders.

Imagine for a moment, putting into effect a global Organized Consumer campaign that sends profit-obsessed shareholders scrambling to find eco-friendly, labor-protecting, solutions to consumer complaints in a desperate bid to restore quickly-dwindling profit margins. Why would they do this? Because even a small drop in profits can set off a panic-driven, selling frenzy on Wall Street, as well as other financial markets abroad.

Now, THAT’S political power!!

You see, the thing the 1% doesn’t want us to look at is this…billionaires are only billionaires if you buy their crap. Stop buying their slave-pool-assembled-from-stolen-resources-crap and their wealth would suddenly plunge.

Now, isn’t that a much stronger position to take than just sitting around waiting for the fulfillment of casually tossed-off campaign promises espoused by corporate-funded candidates whose only job is to serve the interests of those who put them in office in the first place? Do you really think candidates vetted for a race that requires over 2 billion dollars to win is going to serve the people? You know, the workers whose jobs they off-shored for greater profits?

In today’s global market the mandate of a corporate-funded politician is to deregulate domestic and foreign markets, crush labor and to look the other way when it comes to public safety, quality control and the wholesale devastation of our planet.

Why is that? Because Profit Comes From Somewhere, folks! It comes from exploitation. It comes from downward economic pressure on the working class and the systematic enslavement, domination and rape of underdeveloped nations. You have only to read a history book to know that this is true. It may not bear the crown or robes of monarchy anymore, but the same principles then are still at work today. We still live in an era of feudalism – Neo-feudalism.

So, what’s the bottom-line? It’s a Zero Sum game…and it’s fixed!

Question: When do the rich get richer? Answer: When the poor get poorer!

Crunching Numbers always directly translates to Crushing People. It’s sort of the “Dirty Little Secret of Capitalism”.

But what if we turn the tables on the 1%? What if we throw them back into the Shark Tank? What if, en masse, we stop buying their products and bring an end to their racist enslavement of the third-world and their simultaneous cynical deconstruction of the first-world?

What if we, then, turn around and purchase products from companies that incorporate new technologies and hold a higher standard of civil and labor justice. Companies that not only protect the planet, but nourish and replenish her sadly ravaged resources?

So, let’s do this! No more asking permission. No more pepper-spray. It’s time to take matters into our own hands and act in a way where we are truly and finally heard. They are not the 1% without our co-operation. Now is the time for Organized Consumerism…peaceful, but effective, direct democracy activism.

Governments may refuse to prosecute fraud-committing, Ponzi-scheme promoting, white-collar financial criminals…but we can still, as consumers, exact some sort of social justice by organizing direct impact actions on global markets.

Organized Consumerism is the future of politics…because profits are the ONLY “votes” the 1% listen to.
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