5 Point Mission Statement


We decided to launch The Consumer Party because it has become increasingly clear in the last decade (or three) that the richest .01% of the world are coming together in global alliances to widen the gap between the super-rich and the devastatingly poor.

Here is our five point mission statement to illustrate the necessity of putting aside our two-party differences so that we may come together and address the real problem…Economic Inequality.


5 Point Mission Statement of The Consumer Party:

1. To remind citizens that their political power lies not in the power of their vote, but in the power of their wallet. Corporations, whose policies drive geopolitics, rise and fall based on Consumer Dollars.

2. To have a say everyday – not every four years where votes are procured by empty, deliberately misleading promises.

3. To Affect Policy Directly – not through representatives whose loyalties are to the institutions and corporations that funded their campaigns.

4. To ensure that business, whether local or abroad, is ethical, sustainable and promotes Peace and Stability – rather than instability and war for the purpose of gaining control over disproportionate profits.

5. To establish a Balance of Power between the “haves” and the “have nots”.


The Truth of Globalization

There are no countries. There are no parties.

There is only businessman and consumer.