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Contact The Consumer Party - Make every dollar count!

Contact The Consumer Party – Make every dollar count.


Contact The Consumer Party if it bothers you that political parties around the world have been co-opted by multi-national corporations who only care about the bottom line. If you would like to create a new way to participate in the political arena.

But mostly, contact us if you care more about social justice/economic equality than you do about political party affiliation. And, hey, don’t forget to invite your friends! 

Yet, More Reasons To Contact The Consumer Party:

It’s time to call capitalism what it really is – colonialism/neo-feudalism. First of all, here’s the one fact billionaires don’t want us to look at – Profit Comes From Somewhere!

Profit margins increase every time companies crush labor, steal resources through endless war and saddle small countries with enormous debt. Financial and industry predators prey upon poor countries who fall for their unjustly structured market strategies – forcing these duped, developing countries to hand over their natural resources and historic infrastructure as payment for their suddenly enormous debt.

Profit, therefore, comes from the systematic enslavement of vulnerable populations, both domestic and foreign.

For far too long corporations and their stockholders have determined business, social and political agendas that keep global citizens down while the 1% of the world are enriched. This ability to buy, sway and influence local and global decision-makers is facilitated by the power shareholders wield through their unconscionably deep pockets.

In conclusion, it will be People Power that carries justice forward in the coming years and, in that way, we will all change the world. We will turn the tables on our oppressors…one bought, or more significantly, un-bought product or service at a time.

In addition, support the Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages by liking and sharing their Facebook page.

The Consumer Party and Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages, in association with Charter for Compassion, are working hand-in-hand to bring about social justice and economic equality for all. Tell your friends and family to join the Online Social Justice Movement!

Living Wages and Organized Consumerism is the one-two knock out punch for Global Change.

World Peace, Justice and Equality are possible! We just have to truly know what that means…and have a plan for getting there.


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