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The Consumer Party – Smart Shopper

Making every dollar count.

Making every dollar count.


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Recording "The Tide".

Recording “The Tide”.


Welcome to The Consumer Party Gallery!

The Consumer Party is an alternative political party whose goal is to place social and political decision-making back into the hands of everyday citizens.

By providing an online network for taking labor, social justice and ecological grievances to the Court of Consumer Decisions wherein corporations, shareholders and quarterly profit sit before the jury of The Greater Good. The Consumer Party is seeking to move citizen activism into a democratic model of everyday participation rather than meaningless, largely symbolic, ballot-punching every four years.

Since political parties around the world have been co-opted by multi-national corporations who continue to make policy based on Profits Over People, common sense and logic dictate that citizens must find an alternative path to political and social redress.

In a corporate world where money talks and everyone else can go hang, consumers are finding that they have the ability to wield far more political power at the cash register…than they do at the ballot box!

Citizen/Consumers have the power to raise up companies whose labor and ecological records empower workers and protect the environment…just as they have the power to withdraw their patronage from another corporation who fails to meet a sustainable and labor protective operating policy – sort of like a run on a bank.

If we, as citizens, cannot command the ear of our political leaders because they have been bribed into submission and silence with the promise of future “revolving door money”…we can be sure to get a response from our corporate masters through consumer market-engineering, in the form of Organized Consumerism.

It’s time to stop falling for the two-party political theater that claims “gridlock” but is in fact operating in a way that holds the status quo in place and enriches the greediest of the greedy while the unprotected grow more vulnerable with each passing day.

It’s time to stop allowing ourselves to be dumbed-down by the fear and scandal-driven global distraction designed to defuse any growing awareness among the unrepresented masses.

It’s time for effective, direct, citizen political participation. In a language the corporate class understand – profits!

And, bonus, this is a political party that doesn’t ask for donations because it’s what you don’t spend that makes the difference in this movement…even a 2% drop has been shown to have a direct impact.

Imagine the impact a global Organized Consumer movement would have!!