The Power of Purchase

The Power of Purchase

What is The Power of Purchase? Well, corporations depend on consumer dollars to survive, which means consumers actually wield more power than CEOs or shareholders, combined. A company does not grow based on how successfully their power point presentation goes over at the shareholder meeting. It is the number and frequency of customers that decides whether a company thrives…or, goes under.

Yet, every day people feel powerless – not because we don’t have choices but because we have been fooled into THINKING we don’t have choices. By default, we live in top down societal structures, brainwashed into accepting rule by the few, who abuse their power over the grievously misinformed many. As a consequence, we live in a chronic state of helplessness when it comes to determining our own path.

The mission of The Consumer Party is to remind citizens around the world of the tremendous power of our everyday choices. From what soap we use, to which cars we drive, consumers have the power to steer the flow of commerce…and that is a very powerful force. A force that can instill a balance of power usually lacking in the course of daily governance.

Ultimately, the history of mankind is a story. And there are villains in this story. As citizens, we do have the strength of numbers, but we’ll have to stop fighting each other before we can focus on who the real villains are.

The real villains are the well-dressed, well-spoken men in suits who casually crunch numbers and decide the fate of third world villages and domestic rural communities while sitting at the head of a conference table in a comfortable, high-rise corner office – far removed from the collateral damage of the hapless communities that will see great loss of life and habitat because an investor saw an opportunity to extract the last few drops of life from an under-exploited resource.

That’s where The Consumer Party comes in!

If a corporation follows an unethical business or abusive environmental model, a model that exploits a community rather than strengthening that community, then we as a global community withdraw our patronage so that that company fails – not so that it can be sold or taken over by a “company-eater” like Bain Capital (corporate wood-chipper)…but so it can revert back to the workers and community in which it operates.

Organized Consumerism isn’t just a pointless tally of who picked up how many votes in which red or blue state, nor does it pretend to heed the will of “The People” only to ignore them once all the votes are in. Organised Consumerism truly is a movement by, for and of the people…and by extension, the planet.

Effecting a company’s quarterly profit margins really matters. It really gets their attention. And it really changes the world…that’s The Power of Purchase.

Loss of profits is the only language cold, calculating, business people understand. Pay no attention to their charity work – that’s just a public relations strategy for smoothing over corporate crimes and hiding assets. (Let’s not forget that Public Relations is a trillion dollar industry.)

Further, Organized Consumerism dovetails nicely into a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages, a parallel social and economic justice movement providing a much needed one-two global punch in stopping the exploitation of the world’s most vulnerable. A Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages will raise the standard of living for workers around the globe, rendering the corporate strategy of offshoring jobs to slave nations unprofitable, while placing a natural damper on corporate influence and the rapidly growing divide between the obscenely rich and the desperately poor.

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I hope you’ll decide to join us…decisive steps must be taken if corporate/shareholder abuses around the world are to end.


Economic Equality + Social Justice = Peace